New Video Posted: Swarm

Good day folks,

I am excited to share my latest UFO capture video with you. The video is called “Swarm.” I named it Swarm because many UFOs flew by all at once; it was like a UFO swarm!

This video has been edited to show you the very best parts, though I wanted to tell you that the full unedited video had at least 100 UFOs by my count, and maybe more. They all flew by so quickly it was hard to keep track!

Also, I recommend watching this video on a computer, laptop, or HD TV so you can see the UFOs as they zip by on the screen.

I hope you like what you see, and please leave a comment with how many UFOs you counted!

Have a great day!

UFO Robert Bingham, The Summoner

☝️ Keep your head to the sky ☝️